Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Website brief

The website that I am going to produce will be directly focused on a charity that I have chosen. The charity that I have chosen to base my website around is comic relief. There are a variety of different reasons for this choice. One of the reasons is that comic relief targets charities worldwide. I like this because it enables the charity to help out a variety of causes instead of one main cause. Another reason for my choice is that I believe in the principles of comic relief. They have direct interest within the public eye by hosting a TV show every two years which includes celebrities doing funny stuff.
The audience that I think comic relief are trying to target for there website is the majority of public. The audience that we will try and target is very similar to the audience of comic relief due to us believing in the same morals as comic relief do. The website will appeal to the target audience for it will contain a variety of relevant information concerning the charity. The website will contain content which will allow the public to get involved and donate to be cause. Also the website will provide the public with a variety of dates for upcoming fundraising events. The website will also include a page of how to get in contact with the charity if you have any enquiries.

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