Wednesday, 21 April 2010

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

My media product looks and performs like a real professional HTML website. The website that I have designed and created is nothing amazing but functions well and is easy to use.


The layout that we have used is basic but looks professional. We have followed the conventions of a charity website by having a donation button in the top right hand corner of our website. A donate button is conventional for a charity website product. We looked at a variety of other websites and all of them have a donate button. Having this will enhance the likeliness of a person viewing the website and maybe donating to the charity. On are website we have the navigation bar placed horizontally across the page. This is another one of the conventions followed by the major real life websites. It also provides more room on the website for other information and pictures. The navigation bar being horizontal fits in with the background as well and creates potential for the buildings to become hyper links, which will make the website more attractive.


The background that we have used on are website is completely are own idea. We started by drawing the outline of the buildings in the background and the clouds in the foreground. The buildings that we have used were the same width but different heights to enhance the look of the picture. After the drawing was finished, we then scanned it into are computer. Once it was scanned into are computer we then opened it in photo shop to create a better and sharper quality to the picture. We also played around with the colours of the building, clouds and the sky to get the right matches of colours that went well together. The background makes are website original and unique. It challenges the current conventions in most websites the background has potential due to the buildings could be used for links to other pages.

The pictures we have used also challenge the conventions of a typical website due to us taking the pictures our selves. The pictures are related to our charity because making are pictures unique and original due to them not being copied off of another website. They are a primary source. The comparison website to our charity community in need to the charity comic relief, we have found out that our website is very similar to the comic relief website for a variety of reasons.

- The colours that we have used are very similar to the page on comic relief. The colours used are neutral but at the same time grab the reader’s attention for important information.
- Are background used on our website is very similar to the comic relief website background. The idea of clouds on the donate page has lead to the further development of using buildings as well. The buildings add to the relevance of our charity due to it being based on a community and it trades in the area.
- Our picture layout is very similar to the comic relief page for we used the main picture in the middle of their page and smaller pictures under the main image to highlight what is on the other pages of the website. We have used this amount of images to interest the reader but not too many that we wouldn’t over crowd the page. It also keeps the page layout neat and tidy.
- The audience that are website is trying to attract is anyone who feels that their area needs help to improve local amenities and to tidy up the local area. We would also like the people who visit our website to get involved in are clean up schemes. Are charity is versatile and is aimed to attract many different groups of people.
- The page names are very similar to the ones used on the comic relief website. This means that we follow the same conventions as them and use similar ways of putting across information. This could also mean that we are trying to target the same target audience as them.
- The text that we have used is very similar to the comic relief website. We have followed the same conventions as them, as the font type is very similar and is easy to read making the website tidy.

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