Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

The preliminary website that we designed and created was a website based around a school. We designed two pages, a home page and a media department page. Within these two pages we included a variety of pictures that we gathered are selves and a couple of hyper links, which linked to a website and another page on our website. On the preliminary website we used a range of different colours to bring the page to life. We used green and white for the school logo and colour, we used black ink which made the writing stand out. We had a plain white background which made the website plain, simple and not to overcrowded. We included a navigation bar which was conventional which made the website look professional. The pictures we used on are preliminary website were are own but a bit dull due to us not knowing how to add light to the picture.

In the community in need website there was a major progress from the preliminary website. On are main website we used a wider range of different pages allowing people to explore are website in greater depth. This made are main website more interesting due to there being more to read about and see. On our main website we include a wide range of hyperlinks linking pages to other pages and allowing readers to access a variety of different sites which were similar to ours. The other sites that people could visit were other charity websites such as Comic relief which had the same target audience as us. The background we used in our main website included a variety of different colours and images. It allowed the website to come to life, adding excitement to the website. The background that we used was are own idea that we had progressed into a final product. In our main website we used two different colored fonts to keep the website looking plain and simple. We had a navigation bar at the top of the page which included a variety of different hyperlinks than our preliminary website had. In our main website we used a lot of pictures, which were of a high quality, which also added to the professionalism of the website.

To conclude I feel that my ability to use I Web has improved a lot from are preliminary website to our main website for a variety of different reasons. I have been able to use a variety of different programs such as Adobe Photoshop to complete are website to a high quality. I have also improved in using the I Macs. I found that I could explore more things when creating my main website to the preliminary website due to a variety of skills improving. Overall I think that I have progressed a lot form beginning to end due to the fact that are main website turned out better than our preliminary website.

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