Sunday, 20 September 2009

what i have learnt

Media assessment what have I learnt

When I started media in year twelve, I thought that we would be doing loads of essays straight from the start. My perceptions have changed due to the fact that we haven’t done any essays yet and we have done allot of practical work like watching Holly oaks. The things that have gone well for me is being able to analyse different extracts using media terminology. Another thing that has gone well for me is learning different lighting and filming techniques that are used to produce a film or soap. The final thing that has gone well for me is my first assessment. I think that I produced a bit of work to a high standard. The main thing that I haven’t understood that well is being to analyse different sounds technique throughout the extract and the effect that they have on the soap. Whilst watching “Casino Royale” I understood a variety of different things on how the film was filmed and edited. Whilst watching the film I was able to see different filming techniques being used such as a camera on a dolly. The other thing that I have learnt from watching the film is how different lighting is used to create different effects. Watching the film also allowed me to see how the film is edited in a editing studio. Whilst watching “Gone Fishing” I appreciated the different filming and editing techniques used to put the film together. I also appreciated how much time it took to create and edit this short film.

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